Molly Bridger Published author

We have an author in our midst!
Molly Bridger of 10E has recently had her novel published as an ebook on It quickly soared
up the sales rank after it was first released mid-May, and it is now available on the website for a small purchase price.
“The Crystal Ball” is an original and fast-paced fantasy, suitable for a young teenage readership and approximately 140 pages long. Molly says it was initially inspired by an unusual dream she had. She was also motivated to write something that engaged her 13 year-old brother and was more suitable for him than many other books within the genre that include MA+ issues. Molly’s novel is a page-turner, unpredictable and shows early signs of attracting older readers and those who wouldn’t normally choose fantasy.
She referenced ancient cultures and Asian history to develop the background of her characters. They are also a mixture of real people and personality traits she has observed. She was interested in exploring the relationship between good and evil and the idea that people aren’t simply one or the other.
Consequently the characters in “The Crystal Ball” are complex rather than stereotypical.Molly researched online publishing in detail and that meant she was able to make careful and informed choices about
how to put her original work into the public arena. She has learnt a lot through the experience of writing, refining, editing and publishing. And stay tuned! It’s not the only novel Molly has written and the book after “The Crystal Ball” has some unexpected outcomes for the main characters.
Congratulations Molly. What an achievement. Click on the links below to the novel on Amazon, read an
interview with the author on Bedazzled By Books and contribute a review to goodreads. Molly would love to get your feedback.

“Turn of Events” by Lanalia Clark -Year 9

Tonight’s the night. It’s my best friend Gemma’s sweet sixteenth party. It’s definitely going to be the party of the year. As the guests start arriving we make our way downstairs.
“I’m so excited! I just hope everything goes as planned” she whispers to me.
“I’m sure it will” I reassure her.
As we make our way out to the backyard, I noticed someone I had hoped wouldn’t turn up tonight. Lacey Blake. I decide it’s best to avoid her as we are not the best of friends.
“Hey Gemma! Remember Luke Grayson from math class?” I say.
“Yeah, is that him standing over by the pool? Against my mum’s favourite palm tree?”
“Yes it is, you should really go talk with him. I’ll be there in a minute” I say confidently.
“Ok, can you just make sure the banners are staying up and the drinks are being served correctly?”
“Sure!” I say as she walks off, swaying slightly.
As I turn around to walk to the kitchen I stand there admiring my surroundings. The pool is lit, the sun is setting, and the banners are hung up against Gemma’s red brick house. Fairy lights are strung between the trees, the music is cranked up and people are having a good time. This is what a party should feel like. I’m so happy with the way everything has turned out. I walk through the double French doors and into the kitchen. I instantly know something feels off. People are looking at me though, strangely, like I’m some new alien that has found its way to Earth. My first instinct kicks in and I walk towards the closest mirror to double check my appearance. I turn around confused because I saw nothing wrong. Maybe I’m just seeing things, (I think to myself) and let it slide. I walk back through the house double checking everything. Once I’m satisfied, I go to find Gemma. Everyone looks like they are having fun enjoying themselves. Just as I spot Gemma, I slip on a cup and fall onto someone. My cheeks start turning a light shade of pink and I feel the nausea rising in my stomach. I push myself back up and have a glance at the person, who I fell onto. I look up to reveal golden blonde hair, curled to perfection. I instantly know who it is.
“I’m so sorry Lacey! I didn’t see you there” I blurt out a little flustered.
“Get out of my way you dirty skunk!” She yells as she pushes past me, knocking me back a few steps.
Everyone around me starts giving me unwanted looks. I look around watching them all laugh at me. I turn and run before the tears dare to fall. I run away from all of the embarrassment. I hide in Gemma’s room wiping my tears dry as they slide down my face, towards my chin. After a few moments, I have managed to calm myself down. I find the little confidence left in me to walk back down to the party. I sneak a glance in the mirror to straighten my dress to its original place. I start making my way down the wide, wooden stairs. When I reach the bottom of the stairs, I stand there confused as I watch the scene before me unfold. Best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and class mates are fighting one another. They are calling each other names, pulling each other’s hair and punching one another. Gemma comes running over to me, from the other side of the room, dodging the different fights along the way.
“What the hell is going on!?” she screeches at me.
“I have no idea. I literally just came down stairs.”
“Claire just came up to me and apologized for bullying me about “kissing” her boyfriend” she emphasizes with hand gestures when she says kissing.
“Claire? As in Lacey’s friend? About the rumour Lacey started?” I ask confused.
“Yes! That one! Something strange is going on and we have to find out before my parents return or worse the police show up.”
“Ok, so first we should figure out why everyone is fighting. I also think we should find everyone who is not fighting to help us stop this commotion” I say as I make a quick mental plan.
“Sounds good. I’ll look out back and you look through the house?”
“Yeah, meet back in your room with anyone you find”
“Ok good luck” she yells as she starts making her way towards the arch way leading to the back door.
I scan the first floor looking towards the stairs. People were walking past the spiral staircase but they weren’t walking up it. In the lounge room, people were crowded across the large, spacious room. The white walls with wooden floors and high ceilings looks completely different to the room I thought I knew. I start pushing past people and stepping over unconscious bodies. Meanwhile looking for anyone who looks out of place. Just as I was about to give up the search in this room, I see a glimpse of a body crouched down in a corner with an aggressive group growing around her.
“Excuse me” I repeatedly say to deaf ears.
“Can I please get through?” I say firmly and more insistently as I push past the growing crowd feeling more frustrated by the second. As I finally reach the girl I pull her up and instinctively push her behind me as people attempt to grab and hit her. I push forward making my way through the crowd. I feel her grab the back of my floral dress, so tightly it was as if she could lose sight if me as the crowd moves closer towards her. After pushing through the crowd we finally make our way up the wooden stairs and back into Gemma’s room. We pushed open the door and stumble in unsteady as the crowd tries to follow us in. I quickly turn around, shut the door and lock it before a single body can make it into the bedroom. I turn back around to see Gemma sitting at the end of her bed and….Lacey? What is Lacey doing here?
“Thank you for getting me out of that mess” Lacey says so quietly I nearly miss it.
“I saved you?” I ask surprised.
“Why did you save HER?” Gemma says suddenly.
“I…I didn’t know it was her, honest!” I say.
Why was Lacey out of all people being attacked? Something is definitely wrong.
“Really!? You seriously couldn’t tell that the person you saved was this lying witch?” Gemma yells standing up.
“No and I’m sorry, but right now I think we need to focus on the task at hand. Which is figuring out why your party guests are going crazy. Gemma did you find anybody outside?”
“No, I didn’t so that means LACEY is the only one who isn’t drugged, besides us.”
“Drugged? What do you mean drugged?” I ask surprised.
“I went to get a drink from the punch bowl before coming back up here, but as I reached for a cup I noticed a strange bottle” she explains pulling out a small bottle.
“Here, take it” she says.
I take the bottle from her shaky hands and sit down next to her on the bed. I turn the bottle on the side and stare at the purple liquid with confusion clouding my thoughts.
“I’m just assuming this is a drug. I don’t really know” She explains unsure of her accusation.
“It’s ok. Lacey do you know what it is, do you?”
“NO! Why do you think I would? I do think I know who might have drugged everyone else.” She says as she looks at me.
“Of course she would know” I think to myself.
“Oh, I know what you’re thinking. She’s the popular one of course she would know” She states as realization comes across he features.
“Duh” says Gemma.
“Alright enough, enough. I thought you might know something Lacey. You have a lot of connections. Who do you think put the drug in the punch?” I ask.
“I think it was Luke Grayson” she says.
“No it wasn’t! I was with him the whole night! When he disappeared inside to get me a drink, he never came back. I wondered what was taking him so long, I walked inside and saw the mess my party had turned into” she explains rather harshly while staring at Lacey with a cold look.
“I saw him fighting with a guy when I came downstairs, right before Gemma found me” I say.
“Ok so you’ve made your point. It’s not Luke than who else could it be?”
“Is it you?” Gemma said as silence filled the air until she spoke up again. “It is isn’t it? I see that smirk you are trying desperately to hide, you can’t run away from this Lacey! You ruined my party, you won’t get away with it, not this time!” she yells walking towards Lacey who is backing up against the opposite wall.
“STOP!!” I yell finding my voice. “Let’s just calm down and if it was Lacey we will know from the finger print marks.”
“How do you suppose to get that Adalynne? Huh?” Gemma asks eyeing Lacey.
“The old sticky tape trick.” I grab the sticky tape from Gemma’s long glass desk.
“Lacey do you mind?”
“No, it’s ok” She replies shyly as she puts her finger towards me. I put the sticky tape on her finger and then put a new piece on the bottle holding the mysterious purple liquid.  I pull both pieces of tape off and hold them up to Gemma’s crystal chandelier.
“THEY MATCH!” Gemma yells out.
“Yes, they match” I agree with Gemma.
“Lacey?” I turn to her, but she looks away.
“I thought it would be funny although, I may have added a little too much in the punch, don’t you think?” She looks back at me with a smirk.
“I’m not sorry for anything. I have done nothing wrong except have the time of my life at this boring party” she laughs sarcastically while walking away.
Gemma starts to walk towards her with her fists clenched. I put my hand on her forearm and let her know it’s not worth it. I walk towards the framed window with Gemma and watch Lacey leave the house, enter her Mercedes and drive away.
“She’s gone” I state.
“Of course she is. What else would she do?” Says Gemma as she walks back to her bed.
“I’m going to go tell everyone the party is over” I say walking back out the door.
“Go ahead, I’ll just stay up here away from humiliation” I hear her say.
I walk down the stairs and into the lounge room. Everyone seems to be passed out all over the floor. Body on body and some lying in awkward positions. I could see people were starting to have saliva drool out of their mouths. I notice four girls with a blood trail on the side of their mouths. There was no question about it. I have to save these girls. That was all I could think about. I ran towards the closest girl. I recognized her as the girl who sat towards the back of the classroom in Biology, the shy girl who kept to herself. I rolled her onto her side and then ran towards the others and did the same for them. I then ran to the bottom of the stairs stepping over bodies on the way and called up to Gemma, “Gemma! I need you to call the ambulance now!”  I then went to check each of their airways to make sure they were still breathing.
“What’s wrong? Oh my goodness!” She says as she comes down the stairs and into the lounge room.
“Call the ambulance now! Tell them we have four teenage girls who have blood coming out of their mouths and that their breaths are slow” I rush out to her.
Gemma grabs the phone from the kitchen counter and runs back into the lounge while dialing triple zero.  I went to the top cabinet in Gemma’s large, cream kitchen and reached for the strongest incense I could find. I quickly found matches in the bottom door and lit the incense. I then placed it in the lounge room to hopefully wake up the people who were just passed out. Slowly people would wake up but I never focused on them. Gemma helped them out the door while she kept an eye out for the ambulance. While Gemma helped the guests, I grabbed a wet face cloth form the closest bathroom and kept wiping up the blood from the girls mouths. I had to make sure their airways stayed open. Minutes later after Gemma helped the last person, (besides the four girls) out, the front door the ambulance arrived. They rushed into the lounge room and not even a minute after a second ambulance arrived. They took the girls away but not before thanking me for calling them when we did. If we hadn’t called them and if I hadn’t kept their airways open, those girls would have lost their lives.

I always knew that from that one day that I first saved those girls lives, I wanted to continue saving lives. It felt so amazing being able to know that the reason they could continue on with their lives was because of me. I was qualified as a doctor after high school and now I’m loving life with my two best friends and my dream job.
“Dr. Rose? Dr. Rose?” I turned around as my name was called.
“Daydreaming again? Room four is  in need of your assistance” the receptionist informed me.
“Ok thanks Gemma” I chuckle as I give my best friend a slight wink as she passes me the patient’s file.
I walked down the white, sterile hallways towards room four. As I enter I see a regular patient.
“Hello Lacey”
“Hey Adalynne, how are you?” she asks.
“I’m good thanks, yourself?”
“Good. Just here for the regular checkup.”
I glance at the file, even though I already know that she needs a checkup. “Ok well you know the drill, just sit up straight to begin with please” I tell her as I walk towards the not so comfy looking bed.
“When do you have lunch break?” Lacey asks as I begin checking her airways.
“Uh, in about 20 minutes why?”
“Just wondering if you would like to have lunch together?” She asks
“Sure, I don’t have any plans. Can Gemma come too?”
“Of course silly, aren’t we best friends?” She laughs and I laugh with her at the silliness of my question.

By Lanalia Clark 9F

“Prying Souls” By Lily Cowan-Benz- Year 10

Prying Souls
Golden bee and sickly spider,
Bumble flying high,
Spider sewing busily,
A tapestry of lies.
Bumble bee scared and lonely,
A stranger to its hive.
She spies the deceiving web,
With gently smiling spider,
And its kindly nodding head.
So bumble approached quite shyly,
As she didn’t want to mother,
The spider with body as black as lead,
Bowed his shiny head.
Alas, her stay was not for long,
Because spider, with limbs like tong,
Ate what remained of the bumbles supple soul.
By Lily Cowan-Benz 10F

Falling- Molly Bridger- Year 10

I’ve always thought if I’m going to die I want to die falling. A rush of air and excitement as you speed towards your impending doom, only a second to think about what could have been and what has been. Then splat. Darkness. Peace. Quiet. Serenity. It seems that now I’m going to get my chance. The rough calloused hands against my back shove me forwards. The rubber soles of my trashed sneakers slip over the loose gravel and I fall over the edge. The cold hissing air bites against my skin, the jagged rocks sticking up out of the rapids below grow larger as I rapidly descend down the cliff face. In some weird way it feels like I’m not moving, but the world is moving towards me. I don’t think I’m screaming, but I wouldn’t know, I seem to have gone deaf to the noise around me. Weightless. That’s how I feel. Weightless. How did I get here? Well that’s a story I’m more than willing to tell…

It all started with well… Home. Mum completely ignores me, she just tries to keep us sheltered and fed. Dad waltzed out of my mum’s life the minute he realized she was pregnant. He couldn’t take responsibility for a child I guess. From what mum has told me my father was a complete airhead, a big burly guy on a monster of a bike that just lured her along like a fisherman, after he caught the fish he decided to throw it away again, deciding his catch wasn’t big enough. He didn’t want to take responsibility for scars his hooks had left. I just feel sorry for my mum, she’s not a bad person and she tries her best. But sometimes I just feel like that isn’t quite enough. Living in a caravan, going to the tardy public school down the street and living off less than $280 a week is less than what I’d call a luxury life style. But then again it could be worse. Or maybe it couldn’t, everyone has it rough no matter who they are or where they come from, everyone has it rough.

I think about the bum that pushed me off the cliff, Dylan, he may be one of the rich kids but for some reason I feel sorry for him too, actually correction, <em>felt </em>sorry for him. Now that he’s my murderer I don’t think I really do anymore. Even though he looks cool and acts like a jerk at school, wearing his designer clothes and his brown hair in the most up-to-date style, he is just hiding behind a mask. Like we all are. We all hide behind masks. If everyone got even a glimpse of what really hides behind the masks we all wear we would be horribly surprised by what they conceal. We’re all capable of evil. Just some more than most. Sometimes it seems like we all view the world through glass, we don’t really see the world or feel it, we are just sort of blocked from it, trapped from it.

It’s funny… I’ve spent my whole life trying to defy gravity. I love rock climbing, or any kind of climbing for that matter. I just like to get up high. Up high no one can touch you, emotions can’t reach you and the world is far below you, a small insignificant thing that no longer matters. Maybe that’s why my favorite book is my favorite. I’ve never really thought about it before, but my favorite book Wicked had a lot to do with that, breaking free. Yeah I think I like books like that. I love the main character Elphaba and how even though she’s a bit weird and green she still goes out and makes a life for herself. The unfortunate part is that in the end she does die, her life is never perfect, she is never remembered as this great person she was, only a villain. But of course that doesn’t happen in Wicked that happens in the Wizard of Oz. So I never read the Wizard of Oz. I’ve watched the movie sure, but for some reason I just didn’t want to read about clueless Dorothy setting out on an adventure to unknowingly kill the Wicked Witch. I just don’t think that would’ve gone down to well for me… I didn’t want the story to end. I wanted Elphaba to go on and live a long and happy life. But I don’t think that was ever meant to be. I guess I will never get to see the musical now… It’s funny the little things you think about when death is staring you right in the face…

The only person who’s actually going to truly miss me is my friend Zoe, she is kind of the only real friend I have. She doesn’t always hang out with me, just sometimes. But I at least know she actually cares, unlike some of those other fake Barbie dolls with their little designated cliques and they think they should be treated like royalty. No thanks. A vivid image of Zoe pops into my head, her green eyes sparkled as she blew brown hair out of her face, and her dimples showed when she laughed at one of the stupid jokes I made yesterday. It’s funny to think that it was only yesterday that I was with Zoe making ridiculous jokes and talking about random junk. Now I’ll never get to do that again…

This is all happening because I caught the cool rich kids smoking some illegal crack when I went for a jog through the park just out of town, like I always do, only a few minutes ago. I didn’t know that Dylan, Leroy and Rob were here. I didn’t know that they smoked either. They were all drunk and high from a dangerous amount of crack and alcohol. When Rob saw me going for a jog he had shouted out, “Hey there’s that little whelp, don’t let here tell the cops what we’re doing.” The three of them had surrounded me and grabbed hold of my arms. I had tried to get free of their iron grip, but it had been to no avail, they were just simply too strong for me. I tried to reason with Dylan but he had just looked at me, his eyes foggy with alcohol and drugs, his wits probably even more so. They had dragged me over to the ravine the concrete path ran parallel to. There is railing along the edge of some, but not all of it. They took me to a part of the ravine where the railing has rusted away and shoved me over. Now all I’ll be remembered, as is the nameless girl no one knows who was murdered. Maybe my death will be on the news, but that won’t matter. No one will care anyway.

Now here I am falling. If I had gotten to say any last words to my mum they would have been “Where have you been?” and to Zoe they would have been “I’m so sorry.” But now none of that matters because I am going to die anyway. Whether heaven, hell or complete darkness is where I’m going I don’t care. Though they say heaven gives you eternal life and happiness I’m not quite sure I would qualify for heaven, and either way a eternal life of happiness sounds just as bad as an eternal life of pain. People tend to choose pain over boredom, but I don’t really know if I want either of those options. I just want peace. That’s all I want when I die, peace, and an end to all this turmoil.

I believe that maybe the world might be in it’s own right a bit like heaven and a bit like hell, it just depends how you look at it. I just want an end to all of it, to the conflict, to the stupidity, to humanity as a whole.

The water is very close now, very close. I splash into the bone-chilling water and my back hits the rocky bottom. I can’t breath. I can’t even move my chest to try. I can’t move my body. I must be dead. Blackness encroaches in on my vision. I can’t feel anymore. It’s so peaceful…

By Molly Bridger


“Caged”- by Sonia Kacprzak- Year 9

I’m like a bird trapped in a cage forever,

Or a bear, whose cage is far too small,

Unable to move at all,

How many years have gone?

5, 10, 15 years?

I look at my hands and see the blood of others,

The walls covered in blood and darkness,

How many have I killed?

5, 10,  20 people?

I just love their expression,

In the corner of my eyes,

I see the watchdogs moving around,

Glaring at me,

Not forgiving for what I’ve done.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry,

I won’t do it again,

So please let me free,

I don’t want to be caged anymore.