The List by Sarah Borgelt Yr 10

Fingers danced against his crusty jeans creating a rhythmic beat. Pulling out a lighter, the cool soft metal tamed his nerves. Automatically he flicked it on, sparks ignited like a spray of fireworks. They hypnotized his dull eyes. The scruff sound of friction between materials broke the fires hypnotic trance, quickly moving to the side of the isle as a cryptic figure walked passed him causing the fire to extinguish. Wiping his sweat that collected amongst his feathery thick eyebrows with the sleeves of his ebony jumper, he tried to remember what he was doing in the local grocery store. Setting the grocery basket that just seemed to appear in his spare hand, on the white tiled floor. He pulled out his phone from his back pocket knowing he’d wrote down something down. Unlocking his phone, a list was already opened.