The Art Gallery- A Collection of Poems by Rerose Roro Yr 9

Poem 1
The foreground comes after the importance of humans
And yet, the defining is made up by the background
Defining us, humans
Humans who will cease to exist
And yet, the foreground remains while our beings will soon decay The foreground unmoving with stories to tell
More than we do.

Poem 2
Reclining Nude
Danila Vassileff
Abstract beings walk this earth,
Perhaps the most abstract of all,
Was the one that wasn’t supposed to. Uncomfortable standards demanding to be met Uncomfortable position for an entitled gaze Here she is
Comfortable, and for no one

Poem 3
Still Life
Harley C. Griffiths
It was not a banished Angel, falling from the sky
It wasn’t a story of being cast away
So that the sins committed in heaven,
Must then multiply on earth
It wasn’t doomed to end in the bird hitting the dust Disintegrating to a death it didn’t deserve


By a self proclaimed, or human made entity
The bird, a pure thing,
Felt its wings beating against a construct of what was moral And in attempt to un clip its wings
It hadn’t felt freer, looking down, ready for the wrath of God It fell to its death, not as a sin, but in legacy of its rebellion Unrepentant

Metaphor poem: based on Emily Dickinson

Genocide is a thing that has a mane
Those with manes are not for their hairs to be erect in stature
Graze the mane and you have touched death
The mane is a sled appointed crown
Crowns and killings made of a graveyard of a plethora of tombs contained, but not lodged in your throat
You are never content with the tombs you’ve built
The crown is a title, hiding the remaining blood in the complexities of your teeth
Crimes that will never be paid for, even with the evidence of blood dripping from the corners of your smiling mouth
So that the lions with crowns upon their heads weird about manes always prevailing
With not a single grimace of the bones, still stuck in your throat