Society’s Creation by anonymous

Society’s Creation

Trapped in a dark and grim forest,

Of society’s creation,

At every turn an opinion,

At every exit a new challenge.


When the world is set in black and white,

Where is the room for grey?

When my point of view and headspace,

Becomes the living embodiment of a jungle,

Where is my escape?


Opinions can be hurtful and demean my every thought,

Society is in charge of 7,432,663,275 people’s future,

Yet we are walking blind in the dark,

Opinions are being crushed before fully developed.


Every branch contains spikes,

Every thought becomes painful,

Others can’t see my pain,

With my brain over thinking every word.


Trying to conform,

Trying to please others becomes the most painful task,


The term individuality,

Is being stripped,

As we all try to conform to society’s standards

People are being lost


Why does my opinion give you the right to judge me?