Perfection by Angelina Barret Correia Yr 7


Trying so hard to be flawless. When people look they do not stare, they do not see the hard work put into this thing of inspiration, that strives to be perfect. But if you look closer, more in depth in the colour, you see the flaws it holds. A line not too straight, lines too close together, colours on other colours. It’s a mess, so dirty but no one can see how imperfect it really is. Only the general eyes see its boring boldness. Some may say it should not belong here, a place of respect. They don’t see the work and how hard they try to make a perfect art piece for you to lay your eyes upon.

Long plain strokes of yellows and purple. A grid of simplicity, boring some might say. The depth of this art has so much more to say than what it displays. Trying hard to be something flawless.